Links to other slide rule sites

Links to slide rule collectors organisations.
The Oughtred Society is the main international slide rule collectors' organisation. It has over 400 members and publishes a Journal.
The Dutch Circle of Slide Rule Collectors have a site in Dutch, English, French and German.
The German Slide Rule Collectors Group (Gruppe der Rechenschiebersammler) has their own web site.
Links to sites run by UKSRC members
Ron Manley has a large site with details of his collection, instructions and price analysis. It include two complete books on slide rules: Teach Yourself Slide Rules, by Burns Snodgrass, and The Slide Rule, a book on the history of slide rules by Florian Cajori published in 1909.


Rod Lovett also has a large site which includes eight searchable data bases: including two on slide rule prices, one on published slide rule articles, Herman's Archive and two on the International Slide Rule Group Archives.
Peter Owen's site has some valuable historic texts related to slide rules.
Links to other useful organisations.
Connoisseur Policies Ltd. A company providing insurance for specialised collections (including slide rules).
Links to Museums.
The National Museum of Computing.